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Citycare Multispeciality Hospital Gaggal Kangra providing medical service in various departments, dealing with a wide range of medical issues. We have several key departments, including General Medicine, Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynecology, Paediatrics and Urology. Each of these departments has its specific focus and set of medical issues to handle.

The medicine department mainly focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical diseases. This department plays a vital role in the hospital, as it deals with a broad range of ailments, from minor to serious illnesses. Patients who visit the medicine department may get consultations on common health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, allergies, and infections, among others. This department provides essential services ranging from routine check-ups to complex medical treatments.

The surgery department in Citycare Multispeciality Hospital is responsible for surgical procedures, both minor and major. This department deals with a broad range of surgical interventions, including Apendix, Hernia, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and General Surgery. The surgical unit is equipped with modern instruments and uses the latest technology for safe and comfortable operations. The surgeons and staff are well-trained and have vast experience in their respective fields, ensuring that the patients get quality healthcare.

Gynecology is another essential department in Citycare Multispeciality Hospital, catering to women’s healthcare. This department works tirelessly to promote women’s health by diagnosing and treating a broad range of gynecological issues. The gynecologists and staff have excellent knowledge and experience in managing complications related to reproductive organs, hormonal imbalances, maternal health, and even cancers. The department also plays a significant role in providing family planning services and fertility treatments.

Paediatrics is a key department in Citycare Multispeciality Hospital, providing dedicated care to children, infants, and neonates. This department focuses on preventing and treating illnesses and injuries among children, from birth to adolescence. The team of pediatricians and child specialists is well-trained and equipped with modern technology, providing a wide range of services, from vaccinations and wellness check-ups to emergency care for critically ill children.

In conclusion, the Citycare Multispeciality Hospital comprises various departments, each with a unique focus on providing healthcare services to people of all ages. The Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, and Paediatrics departments work in synergy to ensure that the patients receive the best care possible. The department’s dedication, focus, and professionalism have made Citycare Multispeciality Hospital a preferred healthcare provider in the city.

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